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the whole family

flowe family.

Ah, I’m so behind on blog posts! I did this shoot last fall. When Carmen called and asked me to do their family pictures, I was so excited! And then she told me how many people it was, and I got super nervous, haha. But I loveee how they turned out.

And since Shelby was celebrating her graduation and turning 16, we dedicated some special time for her. She’s probably one of the prettiest girls I know. Without a doubt. :)

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belk family.

I really, really wish I could put into words the love I have for this family. But I just can’t. They’re the definition of champions, and I’m so grateful to call them my rockstar friends ;)

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boots and curls. in love.

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keeley & keelyn | flat top mansion

There’s something about the air in the mountains, that make pictures seem so much more fresh. I loveee the pictures that we got on a day trip to Blowing Rock!  So much personality and crispness :)

We got Keeley’s sister Tricia in for a few pictures. Love their laugh :)

And then added Mawmaw Tommie in for a few pictures :)

I love this last picture… So much.. LOVE love love.

mcgee family

Sometimes big families can be pretty overwhelming to photograph, and honestly, it’s kinda expected. But not this family, they made it so super easy! Chris, Lori, Brianna, Crystal, Kelton, Wriston, Caleb, Harrin, and Jerrot – I’ll photograph y’all again anytime!  ;)


Richardson Family | mini session

Oh, I totally loved this family. SO sweet and cute. I just wish I had gotten to spend more time with them!

A special thank you(!) to Morning Glory Farm for letting us use their venue!

 From left to right: Charity, Kennedy, Asher Dan, Wren, Pam, Keith, Jamathon and Madison

Somebody’s got a surprise coming in a few months :) Congratulations to them!

Pam told me that she wasn’t very photogenic – uhh I beg to differ :)

Charity & Dan – ya’ll make the cutest couple! Seriously…

By this point, Wren was finished with pictures :)

Charity – thank you so much for getting everyone together for this session – I can’t WAIT for your next one so we can spend more time! :)

Hargett Family | mini session

I absolutely adore this family - and their amazing style! I SO appreciate a group of people that can coorindate clothes this fabulously.

I also want to thank Morning Glory Farm for letting us use their gorgeous venue! Love that place :)


I know these two are similar, but I loved both of them. So I posted both of them :)



Mollie – thanks for chosing me as your photographer! xoxoxo

foulk family | lifestyle

Your about to see eyes so gorgeous your heart will palpitate. You’ve been warned :)

Matt, Tricia, and little Miss Chelsea Lynn – I can’t wait to see you again!

OH. my heart..

Tricia, you are gorgeous.

Ahhhh – That FACE! Precious.

She’s modeling her eyes :)

griffin family

Marie emailed me back in August asking me to do some family pictures for them, and of course I was really excited about doing them – but when they mentioned doing them at an old family farm house, I was even more excited! I’m always looking and loving new locations to shoot in, and this one was no exception :)

One day, I WILL have a farm. It may consist of one donkey and a chicken, but i’ll call it a farm anyway. Mainly because I like the sound of announcing that I live on a farm.

So we started out at Johnny & Marie’s house, because that’s where their farm is, with the tractor they restored (!). Yes, restored. It looks great!

Readers, meet Johnny, Marie, Ivan, Jeffrey, Kimberly, Keith, Abby, and Jacob :) 

oh jeff – i couldn’t resist :)


Marie – thanks for asking me to take y’alls pictures! Your family is so fun! :)